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About Purity Ring

Not to be confused with a religious piece of jewelry - Purity Ring is an electronic duo that formed in Canada in 2010 by Megan James and Corin Roddick. The two work independently, mostly because they live in different cities. James works exclusively on the vocal melodies and Roddick on the instrumental production. They've described their process as an organic machine because they never really have a goal for a finished product, they just work until it sounds right.

Billboard charts
Purity Ring's most popular songs include "Bodyache," "Fineshrine," and "Begin Again," among many others. "Begin Again" was welcomed into open arms of eager fans who had been waiting for new music from the unique band for two years. It quickly found its way to the top ten most viral tracks on Spotify the week it was released. "Shrines" saw it's own success when it first came out - it earned the number two spot on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart. "Another Eternity" reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart.

Mainstream pop
Purity Ring has said they got their influence from contemporary R&B as well as pop music sounds, and wanted their songs to highlight that. They actually believe mainstream pop is one of the most experimental genre in the industry right now - at least the instrumentals are. James has said her inspiration doesn't come from other artists, rather it comes from the collection of experiences that have happened to her. Her style plays with words - she particularly enjoys making alliterations and picking lyrics from her journal. Purity Ring tickets can be purchased for their headlining tour which has been going on since 2015. Experience this band's unique sound in person and grab some cheap Purity Ring tickets to their next concert for a once in a lifetime event.