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Combining elements from both the original children’s book and the Walt Disney film, Dennis Kelly composed a play perfect for the family. Teaching younger audiences, the value of honesty in a whimsical way, tickets to Pinocchio sell out fast. Get your cheap Pinocchio tickets here today!

When puppeteer Geppetto wishes upon a shooting star little did he know his wish was about to come true. While working on a little boy puppet he becomes stunned when it suddenly comes to life. Naming him Pinocchio, Geppetto took the puppet in as his own. However, it was not long before Pinocchio realized he was not like the other children. Giving into temptations Pinocchio would do anything to become a real boy, even if that meant leaving Geppetto behind. Through his trials, Pinocchio was involved in several dangerous instances. All of which he would lie about after being saved, resulting in the growth of his nose. With the help of the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio is able to overcome the curse of being a puppet forever. Including both music from the Disney classic as well as originals, audiences around the world are sure to sing along with Pinocchio and friends. Don’t wait to get your cheap tickets to this highly acclaimed performance!

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