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Phish is one of the most original bands to come out of the 1980s, a rock band that fuses the different genres of funk, folk, jazz, psychedelic, blues, and rock of all kinds. Having developed a devoted cult following, Phish concerts sell out quickly. Get your cheap Phish tickets today to see this legendary American rock band live!

Phish is comprised of four members who all met while attending the University of Vermont in 1983.The members include; Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon and Page McConnell. The band started out small doing performances here and there then they eventually began experimenting with distributing a small number of cassettes. Even though very few cassettes were handed out in the beginning, the word of mouth from these albums created such a strong fan base that they often played sold out concerts. The music industry finally took noticed of the blossoming band and in 1991 they were signed by a label. Phish enjoyed growing popularity with such hits as "Bouncing Around the Room," "Tweezer," and Weekapaug Groove."

 From 2000-2002 the band embarked on their first hiatus. Members of the band broke off and were doing projects of their own. The hiatus came to an end when the band guest starred on an episode of The Simpsons. While they were portraying animated characters in the episode, they each provided their own voices for the taping and it was the first time that they had been together since the beginning of the hiatus. Phish announced that on New Year’s Eve 2002 they would be performing a show together, signaling to the world that the band was back together. After touring together for a couple of years, the band announced that the Coventry Festival in August of 2004 would be their last performance as a group. Thousands of fans turned out to witness an emotional end to an era.

In fall of 2008 the band announced via their website that they had reunited with each other and that their first tour together after their hiatus would be held in the spring of 2009. They were soon back to recording hits and selling out concerts.

Phish enjoys improvising, jamming, and intimate interaction with their audience, so every Phish concert is guaranteed to be a special and unique event — a point of pride for the band. Get your cheap Phish concert tickets today and prepare to groove along with some of Phish's greatest hits!

Did You Know These Facts About Phish?

  • The band is known to have close relationships with their fan base- even so much so that if the band plays a certain signal true fans will reply with a specific sound.
  • The band has their own ice cream flavor at Ben & Jerry’s called Phish food.
  • The band has a non-profit called the Waterwheel Foundation which supports clean water, land conservation, urban gardening and other causes.


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