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One of the most anticipated non-game events of the NFL season, the annual National Football League Draft is the event at which each NFL team selects new talent to rise out of college or international play in order to bolster their lineups or become team-leading superstar players.

The draft is designed in such a way that teams that struggled the most in the previous season have the greatest chance of selecting the best talent— draft order is determined by reversing the order of best records for the previous season. This makes draft day a long-awaited ray of hope for fans of struggling teams, as draft prospects often go on to turn around the fortunes of their new professional teams.

Early in the draft's history, player selections were based mainly on rumors and casual evidence of talent, but in the modern era professional scouting is considered a critical element of any NFL franchise's success.

The NFL draft has over the years become a must-see event for football fans all over the country. Don't miss out on your chance to see this exciting event live and behold your team's newest talent in the flesh. Book your tickets today!

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