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Masego Tickets

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About Masego

Micah Davis was born in Jamaica and is a well-known international singer and songwriter who goes by the stage name Masego and currently lives in the United States. He is a popular up and coming musical artist who is known for his ability to blend an international style with an American musical flavor. He calls his performing style "Trap House Jazz" and he rose to fame initially on YouTube. During his work with FKJ, he has gathered more than 135 million views on the popular video platform. His recently released record titled Navajo has been streamed on its own more than 20 million times. Because of the success of his initial work, Masego has decided to go on tour in 2019. This exciting development will give the world the chance to hear him perform live. 

A History of Masego

Masego was born in Jamaica. His father was in the United States Air Force and his mother is an entrepreneur. Masego traveled a lot during his childhood and the military travels led him back to the United States. His interest in music started at a young age when he improvised with various objects as drums, allowing him to explore his musical career. He was raised in a Christian home and the religious influence on his music is reflected in his work. He has cited numerous Christian musicians as influences over his current music. Due to the success of his initial work, he decided to pursue a musical career full-time and will be going on tour in 2019.

The Masego Tour in 2019: An International Feel

The Masego tour is going international during the summer of 2019, having global destinations such as Nijmegen, North Sea Jazz Festival, and Afropunk Paris. He will also be performing in Chicago and Segrate. During this upcoming year, those who would like to catch a Masego concert will have plenty of opportunities. Given his rapid rise in popularity, cheap Masego tickets are probably going to sell out quickly. Anyone who would like to hear him perform should try to purchase tickets as early as possible.