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About Lord Huron

Formed in Los Angeles, California, the band Lord Huron is a self-proclaimed "musical and visual project" and consists of members Ben Schneider, Mark Berry, Tom Renaud, Brett Fakas and Miguel Briseno. The band wasn't always a band, however. Lord Huron started as a solo project headed by Ben Schneider. Schneider was born and raised in Michigan, not far from the shores of Lake Huron, and developed a love of music from an early age. His father taught him guitar and he soon joined the school orchestra, playing upright bass. During this time Schneider also took to recording his own music, developing a unique sound with the help of a four-track cassette machine. His love for music dovetailed with a passion for visual art, and he decided to study the subject in college in New York. Upon graduation, Schneider set his sights upon Los Angeles, moving there to begin a career in both music and the visual arts.

Lord Huron is born
A number of Schneider's projects during the early days of his career involved recording music for visual arts projects. In the spring of 2010 Schneider headed home to Michigan in search of inspiration. He set up shop on the shores of Lake Huron, drawing inspiration from his surroundings, and penned three new songs. Upon return to Los Angeles, the tracks were released as a debut extended playlist, titled "Into the Sun." Realizing that the tracks needed more elements to work in a performance setting, Schneider set out in search of band members. By the late summer of 2010, Schneider had formed his band. Lord Huron was born. The band began touring immediately, which helped strengthen its already growing fan base. Cheap tickets became a must for fans, and the shows themselves proved to be incredibly popular.

Mainstream recognition
The band's second EP, "Mighty," quickly followed in the fall of 2010, and received widespread critical acclaim. The following winter the band released its first music video for the single "The Stranger." Following the release of the popular video, the band continued to perform: Its fan base exploded and cheap tickets to their many shows were hard to come by. Alongside conventional gigs, the band played at an array of renowned music festivals including Lollapalooza and South by Southwest. The attention the band garnered on tour led to them signing with record label IAMSOUND in 2012. This subsequently led to the release of two popular albums: 2012's "Lonesome Dreams" and 2014's "Strange Trails," which hit the top 25 on the album charts in early 2015. The band received further mainstream recognition after an appearance on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show." The release of both albums were promoted with extensive touring. Fans flocked to the band's sets and cheap Lord Huron tickets became hot commodities. With an array of projects in the pipeline, including new music and further shows, it's clear that this is only the start of Lord Huron's career. So fans shouldn't delay - grab cheap Lord Huron tickets today!

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