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About Limp Bizkit

As one of the bands to blaze the way for nu metal, Limp Bizkit has given listeners and critics alike plenty to talk about. Controversial and abrasive, the band has become notorious for their chaotic live shows. Don't miss out – get your cheap Limp Bizkit tickets today for a concert near you!

The rebellion of genre-bending

Started in the early 1990s by Fred Durst and several other talented musicians, Limp Bizkit became a sensation on the underground Jacksonville scene for their fusion of rap and rock. Limp Bizkit concerts, with their wild energy and guitarist Wes Borland's strange costumes, solidified their local fan base. In 1997 they released Three Dollar Bill, Yall and toured with Korn and Faith No More. Their sophomore album, Significant Other, saw them break into mainstream success. Limp Bizkit shows at festivals like Woodstock and Ozzfest were full of controversy, but the band continued to be unapologetically themselves. In 2000 they broke the record for fastest-selling rock album, destroying Pearl Jam's previous record, with the release of Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. Limp Bizket went on hiatus in 2006, returning to touring in 2009. The band continues to put on unforgettable concerts while working on their next album, Stampede of the Disco Elephants.

Limp Bizkit concerts are maelstroms of music and attitude, unpredictable, unparalleled. Experience the wild ride for yourself by getting your cheap Limp Bizkit tickets today!