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About Life In Color

Life in Color events are some of the hottest — and most colorful — musical events of the year! Life in Color is an EDM events company, which has been producing outrageous music parties since 2008. Now, Life in Color's traveling tour provides mind-blowing concerts to fans all over the world. Cheap Life in Color tickets sell out within minutes, as Life in Color events have been wildly popular since the group's inception. Also known as LIC, it was founded by four students, who shared a passion for house music, extravagance, and house parties. The parties turned into Life in Color concerts, which toured at college venues to sold-out audiences. At Color in Life concerts, famous DJs and electronic music artists like 2 Chainz, Calvin Harris, and Major Lazer provide the beats, circus-like performers provide the entertainment, and Color in Life provides the paint, intermittently spraying the audience with non-toxic paints. These crazy dance parties are like white outfit parties that can't be contained to decorum and boredom. Life in Color festivals and tours are exercises in the fantastic, with dance parties, acrobats, fire-breathers, and more! Don't wait to get your cheap Life in Color tickets, as they sell out within minutes. You don't want to be left out of Life in Color's concerts or tours — grab a white outfit and prepare to get painted!