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About Korn

One of the forerunners of the nu metal movement, Korn has been bewitching listeners for decades with their thunderous sound and raw lyrics. Korn is known for pushing the envelope with their music, delving into the dark and taboo – an honesty that resonates with their fans. Dedicated listeners are quick to buy cheap Korn tickets so don't wait if you want to see these artists at one of their hypnotizing live shows.

A quick rise as a pioneer of nu metal
Korn started playing shows in 1993, drawing fans with their signature metal sound. They released their first album in 1994 and went on several tours as supporting artists to bigger names, including Ozzy Osbourne. With their popularity soaring, Korn released their second album, Life is Peachy, in 1996. Since then, Korn has sold over 35 million albums around the world and released hit singles like "Freak on a Leash," "Falling Away from Me," "Coming Undone," "Got the Life," and many more. Korn has never been a band to sit still. They've continued to keep things fresh by incorporating elements of grunge, rap, funk, groove, and hip hop.

Korn's music is a visceral experience, exploring the highs and lows of universal experiences, pain, love, hope, rage. Korn has never held back, never been afraid to offend anyone with their music, something that makes them adored by their fans. Get your cheap Korn tickets today to immerse yourself in their unapologetic music!

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