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About Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con International started with humble beginnings as a small comic book convention founded by a small band of San Diego residents way back in the 1970s. Initially created as a place to present comics and other fantasy and science fiction-centric media, San Diego Comic-Con has expanded to much more. Now, Comic-Con is the place for studios both big and small to unveil their upcoming releases, from blockbuster movies and television shows to video games and animation. It's now the largest popular media convention on the planet, spanning four days annually and held in the massive San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Comic-Con has grown to cater to a large range of events put on by studios and production companies looking to build hype and excitement for their newest creations- celebrities, directors and producers hold panels where exclusive content (trailers, concept art, and posters) is unveiled, actors and crew members reveal behind-the-scenes gossip, and audience members can ask questions and meet their idols and heroes. Comic-Con is also known for its tradition of visitors dressing up each year as their favorite character from popular culture. It's not unusual to come across Stormtroopers, superheroes, Jedi, aliens, and cartoon characters as you wander the massive halls of the convention center. Reserve your tickets now for the most coveted popular culture event in the world and find out the latest news about your favorite obsession before anyone else.

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