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Cirque du Soleil - Paramour Tickets

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About Cirque du Soleil - Paramour

A modern circus that inspires childlike wonder and delight in everyone, Cirque du Soleil surprises audiences yet again with a new show. Cirque du Soleil Paramour is already whipping up a buzz among theatre-goers and critics alike. Snag your cheap Cirque du Soleil Paramour tickets here to be amazed by the flexibility and glamour of these talented performers!

A Broadway show with Cirque du Soleil flare
Paramour presents the iconic gravity-defying aerobatics that Cirque du Soleil fans love but with a twist – not just a circus act, Paramour is a full musical, complete with dynamic characters, a delightful plot, and ten original songs. Set in the 1940s, Cirque du Soleil Paramour brings the Golden Age of Hollywood to the Broadway stage with eye-popping theatrics. An artfully choreographed combination of whirling dancers, breath-taking acrobatics, and glitzy costumes, Cirque du Soleil Paramour is a dazzling visual indulgence! Directed by Philippe Decouflé, Paramour opened in 2016 at the Lyric Theatre in New York City, to glowing reviews. Amidst a catalog of Broadway shows famous for their theatrics, Paramour stands out for its signature Cirque du Soleil choreography.

Prepare to be swept away in a magical dream of the past that could only come from Cirque du Soleil! Slip back into time and find yourself flush with nostalgia at Paramour's fantastic vision of glamorous Hollywood. Snag your cheap Cirque du Soleil Paramour tickets today and reserve your spot at Cirque du Soleil's golden wonderland!

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