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Cavalia Tickets

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About Cavalia

A breath-taking display of the partnership between humans and horses, Cavalia creates an atmosphere of magic and awe with its fascinating equestrian show. Engaging for audiences of all ages, Cavalia shows are wildly popular. Cheap Cavalia tickets often sell out quickly, so make sure you get yours today to reserve your seat under the big top.

A unique vision in entertainment
Started in 2003, Cavalia's name comes from the Spanish and French words for horse, caballo and cheval respectively, and the word cavalier. Cavalia's first production, Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Humans and Horse wowed the world with its ballet-like choreography, incorporation of acrobats and musicians, and advanced equestrian techniques like trick riding, vaulting, and pas de deux.

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In 2011 Cavalia debuted its second production, Odysseo. Since then, nearly a million people have witnessed the awe-inspiring beauty of this ethereal show. Odysseo uses a splendid backdrop of natural wonders to complement the acrobats, aerialists, and equestrians.

Cavalia shows are unique showcases of the harmony between man and beast. The natural beauty and grace of the horses enchants viewers while the skill of the performers astounds audiences. Purchase your cheap Cavalia tickets today for an unforgettable experience in a magical realm where man and horse work together in remarkable ways.