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Built Ford Tough Series Tickets

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About Built Ford Tough Series

Dubbed "The Toughest Sport on Dirt," bull riding is packed with anticipation, danger, and courage. There are few sports where men compete not against each other but also against nature as they attempt to dominate the bucking beast under them. Snag your cheap Built Ford Tough Series Professional Bull Riding tickets here for an unforgettable evening cheering on some of the world's most daring sportsmen.

A competition of world-class bull riders
Bull riders from all over the world jostle for the chance to compete in this premiere PBR series. With nearly thirty events all over the country, the series is a theatrical display of one of the oldest sports in the world. The Built Ford Tough Series leads up to the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas, where one million dollars is on the line. It's a breath-taking eight seconds that packs the adrenaline punch of a roller coaster drop as audiences and rider pray that he'll be able to stay on the fuming bull. But the rider's score isn't just about the time minimum – points are also awarded for the rider's performance and the bull's attitude. With pyrotechnics, energetic music, and special effects, the Built Ford Tough Series is a true celebration of courage and danger.

As one of the most thrilling and grueling sports today, the Built Ford Tough Series draws true cowboys. Get your cheap Built Ford Tough Series Professional Bull Riding tickets here to witness the hair-raising thrill of one of America's oldest sports!