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About Anastasia

Based on the beloved animated film, Anastasia the musical has swept Broadway audiences away with its grandeur and imagination. Delve into this tale of love, family, and identity by securing your cheap Anastasia tickets today!

Dance into a glimmering past

The curtains open on a moving moment between the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna and the young grand duchess Anastasia. Before moving to Paris, Maria Feodorovna gifts Anastasia with a music box. But during the Bolshevik revolution, Anastasia disappears, feared murdered with the rest of the royal Romanov family. Years later, two con men devise a plan to find an Anastasia impersonator, a young woman they can train to be princess-like so they can claim a reward offered by Maria Feodorovna. When they stumble into Anya, a young street sweeper with no recollection of her childhood, they convince her she could be the missing royal. Despite threats from Gleb Vaganov, a Bolshevik general, Anya, Dmitry, and Vlad make their escape to Paris to beseech Maria Feodorovna to see them. What follows is a tumbling tale of history, romance, and personal identity, as Anya tries to discover if she truly is Anastasia. Anastasia the musical will delight fans of the 1997 movie while surprising them with new characters and plots. In addition to some of the soaring songs from the animated film, the musical includes new numbers that are just as enrapturing.

Sweeping from St. Petersburg to Paris, Anastasia is a fanciful delight for audiences young and old. Escape into a fairytale past – pick up your cheap Anastasia tickets today!

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