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Alice in Chains is one of the brashest heavy metal bands of the 1990s, scarring the metal scene with their unbridled sound. After they disbanded in 2002, Alice in Chains fans feared they'd never see their heroes again. But the band reunited after playing a charity event in 2005 and have continued to make music since. Alice in Chains is a symbol of the reinvention of heavy metal in the 1990s. Don't miss your chance to see an Alice in Chains concert – pick up your cheap tickets here to mosh with these rockers. Alice in Chains initially got together in Seattle in the 1980s but it wasn't until the release of their single "We Die Young" in 1990 that the band hit commercial success. The band has been through drug addiction and overdoses, working through the issues in the music. Though Alice in Chains was vital for the development of the grunge scene, their haunting acoustic tracks show their depth. With over 35 million albums sold worldwide, Alice in Chains is maybe the most influential grunge band in heavy metal. Alice in Chains concerts exist in their own time, a few hours when you're completely immersed in the tortured passion of the music. Don't miss these brooding geniuses – get your cheap tickets here today for an Alice in Chains concert near you!

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