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The American Football Conference Championships are among the most exciting sporting events of the year in the United States. Six teams from the National Football League's AFC face off for a chance to go to the big show - the Super Bowl - and leave their hearts out on the field accordingly, holding nothing back. The AFC Playoffs are comprised of four division winners and two wildcard teams from the conference. Those teams then face off in a single-elimination tournament with the matchups decided by standings in the field at the end of the regular season. The AFC Playoffs began in 1970, and the event has since expanded to six total teams from the original four.

Famous moments
There are too many famous moments to count in AFC Playoffs history. One of the most memorable was back in 1986, when quarterback John Elway led the Denver Broncos past the Cleveland Browns during the last six minutes of the game, which has since been titled "The Drive." Flashing forward, the AFC Wildcard game in 2000 saw the "Music City Miracle," in which the Tennessee Titans ran back a kickoff return for a touchdown as time expired to defeat the Buffalo Bills and progress in the tournament.

Electric atmosphere
The atmosphere of the AFC Playoffs will really be in the eyes of the beholder. For example, if you are supporting the visiting team, the atmosphere will be competitive, as fans take the sport extremely seriously. If you are attending a home game for the AFC Playoffs, though, expect a lot of high fives, cheers and boisterous reactions to the game. An NFL game is unlike any other professional sporting contest, and the playoffs represent the most electrifying competitions of the year. With some of the greatest athletes in the world colliding on the gridiron, who would want to miss the AFC Playoffs? The AFC Playoffs generally begin at the start of January, about two weeks after the regular NFL season comes to a close, and lasts three weeks leading up to the AFC Championship game. If you want to acquire cheap AFC Playoffs tickets, you'd better start looking soon! Don't miss your chance to support your favorite team as it competes on the biggest stage of the American football world - get your tickets today!

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