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No hockey season is complete without at least one pilgrimage to see the great Florida Panthers in action on the ice. The Panthers games are an exhibition in talent, showmanship, and just a little bit (or more) of aggression! At a Florida Panthers game, you will witness all the body checking, elbowing, and icing you could hope to see at an NHL game. Every season fans of the notorious team flock to the BB&T Center to see all of their favorite players in person. Don’t be one of the thousands of fans stuck at home watching from the couch, immerse yourself into Panthers hockey this season with cheap Florida Panthers tickets!

Franchise History

The Florida Panthers were only established in 1993, making them a relatively new team in the NHL. The team name comes from the Florida panthers, which are an endangered cat species that make their home in the Everglades. When the team was granted to the Miami area the organization vowed to help in the conservation efforts of their soon to be beloved mascot. The Panthers entered the 1993-1994 season alongside the Anaheim Ducks- who at the time were known as the Mighty Ducks. Shocking many among the league, the Panthers were able to finish with a winning season just falling short of playoff contention. At the time they were the first expansion team to have a record as impressive as theirs in their inaugural season- a feat which has since been wiped out by the Vegas Golden Knights. In 1995 the Panthers saw a bout of luck after Scott Mellanby kicked a rat in the locker room prior to the season’s first game. He later scored two goals that night, and one of his teammates joked that he made a ‘rat trick’. That season, after every Panthers goal, fans would throw rubber rats onto the ice to celebrate. They would go on to later play in the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals against the Colorado Avalanche, a series which they ended up being swept in four games to none.

In the years since their one and only Stanley Cup Final appearance the Panthers have seen their fair share of defeat. Despite having star players on the team in the likes of Roberto Luongo, Pavel Bure, and Jaromir Jagr the Panthers have never been able to produce anything in the off-season. For this upcoming season fans are looking towards a roster of young players to put the Panthers back on track for a winning season!

Florida Panthers vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Being so young in such an old league, the Florida Panthers do not have nearly as many rivals as some of their counterparts in their division. The one longstanding rivalry that they do have can be found in the Tampa Bay Lightning. Before the Panthers even began play the rivalry between the two teams was created solely based off their geographical proximity to each other. Although the two teams have never met on the same ice during the playoffs, they play within the same division, meaning they play regularly during the season. Starting in the 2013-2014 season the two announced that they would compete for the Governors Cup every season, where the winner would be the team with the most points in the head-to-head matchups. With Tampa Bay being one of the most dominant teams in the league, watching them face off with the Panthers is a matchup that you do not want to miss!

The Panthers are always sure to bring an exciting matchup whether home or away. Fans flock to the ice to see the Panther’s powerhouse players, intense matchups, and non-stop action, so be sure to get your cheap Panthers tickets today!

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