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About Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs are both members of the National League, but hail from different divisions. The Diamondbacks are part of the West Division while the Chicago Cubs call the Central Division their home. The Diamondbacks and the Cubs are not rivals in the traditional sense, however both teams are competitive and boast a number of talented players on their rosters. With three World Series titles under their belt as compared to the Diamondback’s single title in 2001, one might think the Cubs have the upper hand in this comparison. This is not the case. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs have met in the post season only once and in that encounter the Diamondbacks came out on top. It was a memorable contest for both teams and their fans.

Memorable Moments – Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

NLDS 2007

Having topped their divisions, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs met in the National League Divisions Series. The Diamondbacks were the first major league team that topped its league in spite of giving more runs than they scored. They met the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on October 6, 2007, for the final game. Having won the previous two games of the series, the Diamondbacks steamrolled over the Cubs 5-1 and booked a place in the NLCS. In the final game homeruns from Chris Young, Stephen Drew, Eric Byrnes and journeyman Livan Hernandez’s heroics on the mound made all the difference. The Diamondbacks closed the series with a 3-0 win in the final game. Even though, the Arizona Diamondbacks lost to the Colorado Rockies in the NLCS, the Diamondbacks dominating the much older and experienced Cubs was a memorable moment for the Diamondbacks fans.

The Cubs against the Diamondbacks – Head to Head

The Chicago Cubs were established more than a century before the Arizona Diamondbacks. One would assume, the more experienced team would have a better record. However, this is not the case when looking at the Cubs and Diamondbacks head to head records. Here is how the Arizona Diamondbacks have performed against the Chicago Cubs.

Games Played Wins Losses Wins %age Home Wins-Losses Away Wins-Losses
138 74 64 .536 44-27 30-37

The Chicago Cubs were only able to outperform the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Away Wins category. The longest winning streak the Diamondbacks had over the Cubs was of seven games from June 13, 2001, till August 17, 2002. The Cubs longest winning streak over the Diamondbacks was of eight games from April 30, 2010, till April 5, 2011.

The Greats from the Cubs and the Diamondbacks Lineup

Established in 1876, the Chicago Cubs have had many exceptional players on their roster. The list starts with Sammy Sosa and his 545 homeruns in his 13 year tenure. Billy Williams is another Chicago great who with his 382 homeruns and 1,353 RBIs made at least 687 plate appearances from 1963-1970. And then there is the greatest Cubs of them all, Ernie Banks who was the consistent force in the middle of the Cubs lineup. For the Arizona Diamondbacks, it was Randy Johnson and the 2001 World Series. One of the best pitchers in the MLB at the time, Johnson was Co World Series MVP with Curt Schilling. He spent eight seasons with the Diamondbacks with a 45.1 WAR. Other greats from the Diamondbacks lineup include catcher Miguel Montero (2006–2014), hitter Paul Goldschmidt (2011–present) and Luis Gonzalez (1999–2006).

Watch the Diamondbacks take on the Cubs

With both the Diamondbacks and the Cubs performing well, the upcoming MLB season is expected to have exciting Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Chicago Cubs games. To get the best deal, check the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks Schedule. Also go through the Chase Field and Wrigley Field seating charts. You can get cheap Arizona Diamondbacks Chicago Cubs tickets from here.

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