National finals rodeo competitions have an audience-thrilling, adrenaline charged history. Rodeo, like no other extreme sport, packs raw emotion into 8 second cycles. On the way to the annual national competition, riders and animal athletes spend hundreds of hours training and competing in local, regional and state arenas around the globe. It takes bravery, courage, perseverance and rigor beyond compare to take the final purse and walk away from the events as number one.

Fans buy their national finals rodeo tickets as soon as they go on sale to secure their spot in the stands to root for their favorite cowboy. Some people think that cheap rodeo tickets are just a ticket to go see a thrilling show. For the contestants, those tickets to rodeo events support a sport that they love, live and breathe. You can buy your cheap rodeo tickets here for the most exciting night of your life and to support the sport for people of all ages.

Rodeo competition is divided into many divisions for youngsters and adults in everything from bull riding to bareback riding. If bull riding is your sport, you know that almost anything can—and often does—happen on the way to a gold buckle. The following information will get you in the mood to order your national finals rodeo tickets.

When Dillinger took the title as PBR World Champion Bull in 2001, he became the first bull riding athlete to win in two consecutive years. They say that the toughest bulls consistently come from either Texas or Oklahoma. Legends like Bodacious and Tornado came from that area of the US.

Although Clem McSpadden probably never bought national finals rodeo tickets, he was an integral part of rodeo for over 7 decades. He was a radio announcer, calf-roping champ in 1947 and an NFR professional announcer for more than 60 years. He was also the great-nephew of Will Rogers.

People with tickets to rodeo events in 1997, will remember that Tuff Hedeman, winner of multiple championships over his career, choose to turn Bodacious out. Approaching retirement, Hedeman decided to end the ride under his own terms—dismounting right after the bull left the chute.

Cincinnati Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco scored $10K from Ford on Deja Blu when he managed to stay in the saddle for a scant 1.5 seconds. Even though fans of the PBR do not always hear a lot about the women that have made a name for themselves in the sport, cowgirls aspire to reach acclaim alongside Tad Lucas. Tad was the first (and only) woman bull rider to ride a bull in Madison Square Gardens (1924).

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