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Does your bucket list including something like riding Fu Manchu for 2.7 seconds before an adrenaline charged crowd? Just imagine the sheer power beneath you as you take your place on 1800 pounds of sheer force, waiting with anticipation for the chute to slide open. Maybe you root for the bull and you are secretly hoping another Red Rock comes along that beats the odds and never gives up a successful ride before retiring. Either way, your best hope to live vicariously—at least for the moment—is to get your PBR Las Vegas tickets for the October action.

The most extreme athletes (both bovine and human) spend a full year training for eight seconds together in an open dirt floor ring. Eight seconds that can mean life, death, fame, fortune and the ultimate personal achievement.

For the bull rider, the challenge is to ride the undulating beast until the buzzer sounds, signaling a chance to advance to the next round. For the bullfighter, it is all about protecting the rider from the wrath unleashed. For the bull, it hard to be sure, but an educated guess would be that the bull is looking for dominance and a quick end to the battle.

For many people visiting Las Vegas, the glitz and glitter of the strip and the clink of coins feeding the one-armed bandit are the main attraction. For bull riding enthusiasts with tickets for PBR competition in October, the shine of the gold buckle and the clink of the rowel are enough to bring in the crowds. Over a million fans will attend PBR events this year and thousands will take their place to watch the finals in the arena in the fall.

The most dedicated and toughest riders from around the world will do their best to beat the bulls, the clock and the competition to claim their place in the history books. Get your cheap PBR tickets here early to ensure your place in the stands as professionals like Valdiron de Oliveira and Mike Lee vie for the championship. There is nothing that compares to the being swept into the exhilarating atmosphere and watching the thrilling performances that are only available with PBR Las Vegas tickets in hand.

Bull riding is an extreme sport and a sport that challenges the athletes to take risks both in and out of the rings. The rewards are huge—personally and financially. PBR competition is not for the faint-hearted and weak-kneed. Even the fans have a special devotion and kindred spirit that is only seen on the circuit. If you are one of the millions of fans that follow the sport, do not put off getting your PBR tickets.

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