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Ready to buy our Pittsburgh Pirates baseball tickets? Baseball is one of the most beloved traditions in the United States. Most of us have fond memories of attending games with our parents or grandparents as children.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in the stands. The warm sun is shining down. You have a hot dog in on hand and a cold soda in the other. The smell of freshly roasted peanuts is in the air. You hear the "thunk" of the ball against the bat, followed by the cheers of the crowd. It brings you back to a simpler time, right?

Purchase Pittsburgh pirates baseball tickets today and share that experience with someone you love! Most people find that they enjoy taking in baseball games now just as much as they did when they were kids.

Did you know that the team started out as the Pittsburgh Allegheney?. They played their first National League game in 1887, in which they defeated the Chicago White Stockings, who were the league champions at that time. The game was played in front of almost 10,000 fans at Recreation Park. They finished the season in 6th place with a record of 55-59.

In 1890, the Allegheneys signed second baseman Louis Bierbauer. They lured him away from the Philadelphia Phillies during the off season. This move is what inspired their name change to the Philadelphia Pirates. However, Bierbauer did not pay off for the newly named Pirates. They were at the bottom of the National League at the end of his first season with a dismal record of 23-113.

The Pirates and the Phillies have had a strong rivalry from the very beginning. It is considered one of the best rivalries in the National League by many experts and fans. Though it has faded some since they were moved to different division of the league in 1994, there are still plenty of fans who have held on to their disdain for the other team. Show where your loyalties are with Pittsburgh Pirates tickets!

The team made history on September 1, 1971 by fielding baseball's first lineup featuring all minority players. They played the Philadelphia Phillies at Three Rivers and won the game with a score of 10-7. They went on to win the division that season with an impressive record of 97-65.

There used to be another team called the Pittsburgh Pirates! The Pittsburgh Steelers were originally named the Pirates when they were founded in 1933. This was in honor of the baseball team. The team's owner, Art Rooney, Sr., changed he name to the Steelers in 1940. The felt it was more fitting to represent the steel industry, which provided the economic backbone of the city.

Buy your Pittsburgh Pirates tickets today to become part of the legacy. It's a fun and cheap way to spend an afternoon. To sneak a look at the season's line up, get your hands on some Pittsburgh Pirates spring training tickets.
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