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World Wrestling Entertainment refers to Wrestlemania as “the grand-daddy of them all”, and with good reason. For more than 25 years, Wrestlemania has been the pinnacle of professional wrestling. It’s the most recognizable name in wrestling, and it features the biggest stars and matches of the year.

Wrestlemania was conceived by Vince McMahon as a way to blend pro wrestling and pop culture on the grandest stage possible. McMahon put all of his resources into one big show at Madison Square Garden in 1985. A poor turnout would literally destroy the company, while a successful show would propel the WWE to new heights. Fortunately for McMahon, the latter occurred, and Wrestlemania exists today as the premier showcase in sports entertainment each year.

Just as wrestling has evolved, so too has Wrestlemania. In its earlier years, Wrestlemania used celebrity cameos to draw attention, with the celebrities merely talking about the event or being filmed at ringside. In modern-day Wrestlemanias, the celebrities actually take part in the show; in recent years, The Rock, Snooki, Floyd Mayweather and Maria Menounos have appeared in matches at Wrestlemania.

In addition to its celebrity appeal, Wrestlemania serves an important purpose in terms of the matches on the card. Wrestlemania is the biggest date on the WWE calendar, and so the WWE builds its storylines to culminate at Wrestlemania. It’s the payoff for many months of the various feuds that play out on its TV shows and at its live events. In that sense, Wrestlemania truly has something for everyone. Hardcore wrestling fans attend for the big matches, while casual fans watch to see the big names and the celebrities. Recent years have seen the return of former stars at Wrestlemania. For example, the Undertaker is largely retired, but he competes in a match at Wrestlemania each year in an effort to keep his streak of being undefeated at Wrestlemania intact. Other returning wrestlers have included Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and The Rock.

Wrestlemania has grown into a global phenomenon that attracts visitors from all over the world. Fans know that buying Wrestlemania tickets gives them an opportunity to experience an unforgettable weekend of wrestling. Wrestlemania weekend includes the event itself, a fan festival called Axxess and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. In addition, the Raw that airs the night after Wrestlemania is held close by, encouraging diehard fans to stay for one more night of action.

Due to its status as a top destination for wrestling fans, Wrestlemania tickets move quickly, even though the events are held in football stadiums housing 70,000 or more fans. It’s strongly advised that you get tickets early, and you can get cheap Wrestlemania tickets here to make sure you don’t get shut out. Ordering the event on pay per view costs $65 or more, so as long as you’re going to pay to see Wrestlemania, you may as well have an unforgettable experience watching it live.

If you’re a wrestling fan, you simply must experience Wrestlemania live at least once in your life. Even if Wrestlemania isn’t coming to your town anytime soon, you can join the thousands who buy tickets for Wrestlemania and travel around the world to see it live. No matter your situation, you can buy cheap tickets for Wrestlemania here and experience what everyone is talking about.

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