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Volbeat, a heavy metal band established by Michael Poulson in 2001, continues to rock listeners. Volbeat tour tickets sell out at an alarming rate, making tickets hard to find. The Danish band has found an audience worldwide with songs like “A Warrior’s Call” from the “Beyond Hell / Above Heaven” album that was released in late 2010. Turnouts at each show are incredible with fans in a frenzy over Volbeat’s eclectic rockabilly/metal mix and effortless flow. Cheap tickets to Volbeat sell out nearly as fast as they are listed thanks to Volbeat's dedicated following.

“The Strength / The Sound / The Songs,” Volbeat’s first album, was released in 2005. With 15 songs including “Rebel Monster” and “I Only Wanna Be With You,” Volbeat gained a rapid following that was destined to see them through the years, guaranteeing fans would find “sold out” signs during future sales of Volbeat tour tickets.

Volbeat’s second album, dubbed “Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil” featured 11 tunes and was released in 2007. This was the year Volbeat opened for Metallica; Volbeat tickets were even harder to come by after this headlining event.

In 2008, “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood” came out and Volbeat was subsequently asked to open for Megadeath. The follow up to 2008 was another invitation to play ahead of Metallica, clinching the sales of all cheap tickets to Volbeat for a long time to come.

“Beyond Hell / Above Heaven,” released in 2010 brought a loyal fan base all the way home with “A Better Believer” and “A New Day.” Volbeat tour tickets, while still hard to find, were snapped up when available by a following who listened to the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Social Distortion, all rolled into one profound, captivating, wickedly-delicious tongue, where fans found solace in knowing rockabilly and metal do, indeed, mix. Definitively.

Volbeat has toured many countries, from Finland to Canada, Germany to the United States. Volbeat tickets sell hard and fast, much like the punch felt by their music. Volbeat's show is one you won't want to miss. Regular fans buy CDs, true fans buy Volbeat tickets--because really, what is better than "Warrior's Call" 50 feet from your face?

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