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With Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets you get more than just a performance of one of the most talented American music groups around—you also get a lively show of lasers, lights and videos. Trans-Siberian Orchestra embodies today’s technological advances in music performances. While some bands can just be listened to on the radio or through digital music, groups like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra offer real entertainment up on stage, stimulating your visual senses too.

In the mid 90s, Paul O’Neill and Jon Oliva launched one of the most interesting and advanced musical groups in America. Incorporating ideas of symphony, classical music, and metal, O’Neill and Oliva created an American rock orchestra. The duo first teamed up while part of Savatage. But the two took their love of rock a step further, developing rock operas, utilizing avwhole orchestra and composing songs in a style that used the beauty of symphonies to transform the electric sound of rock music. Their immediate success with their first albums that were Christmas tributes, propelled them to begin touring and using their creative abilities to change the face of live rock concerts in a whole new way.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert tickets give fans the chance to see this revolutionary music group prove that rock lives on in new ways that extend beyond just the music. The shows are fun events designed to entertain the audiences’ ears, minds, and hearts. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a caring group of charitable people that treat their fans with great kindness and gratitude for attending their live performances. Trans-Siberian Orchestra also donates portions of ticket sales to charitable organizations, which means when you purchase tickets for Trans-Siberian Orchestra not only will you get to attend an incredible show but you are also helping local and national charities.

Alongside Paul O’Neill and Jon Oliva, the band consists of an astonishing number of talented musicians ranging from additional composers and band players like Robert Kinkel and Al Pitrelli to a wide range of vocalists, keyboardists, guitarists, drummers, bassists and more. The band’s setup as an orchestra allows for unparalleled rock harmonies and backing sounds.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra tells stories with their music. Both their albums and live shows use songs to portray a background story to the rock opera. With themes from war, pain, family and children the group sends heartfelt messages to audiences about life and humanity using a whole new storytelling method through rock orchestra and visual effects. In short, Trans-Siberian Orchestra offers up a concert like no other band today. You won’t only have memories of music but also of love for their tales and wonder over their lights.

As a top-selling band, Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert tickets move quickly. You can catch their spectacular performance by purchasing great cheap tickets for Trans-Siberian Orchestra right here. Get them before they sell out and instead of listening to them at home on the couch you will be captivated in the audience watching lights and lasers beam around the venue, syncing to the music.

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