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Ah, the Chieftains, Dublin’s finest. Formed in 1962, this traditional Irish band brought the haunting sound of the uilleann pipes and the deep thump of the bohdran across the Atlantic and eventually around the world. Tickets for The Chieftains first became available in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It wasn’t until 1973 that they “crossed the pond” to New York and points beyond.

Shortly after bringing their music to America they caught the ear of Stanley Kubrick who was working on a film called “Barry Lyndon.” The 1975 picture featured the exploits of an Irish rouge that lived and loved in the 18th century. The Chieftains worked on the soundtrack, which ended up winning an Academy Award. This notoriety gave them a wecome push into mainstream music in the USA. The Chieftains concert tickets became best sellers.

During the 1970s and 1980s the Chieftains released several successful albums, many of them collaborations with artists of differing musical styles. A pairing with Van Morrison resulted in an album called “Irish Heartbeat” with a hint of blues and rock and roll. The Rolling Stones, Madonna and Luciano Pavarotti are among the talented souls that shared music space with the band. The Chieftains concert tickets were consistently selling out.

Six Grammy Awards and later, in 2002, a Lifetime Achievement Award presented at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards made The Chieftains tickets an even hotter find. The Irish Government even got into the act. In 1989 the country named the band “Ireland’s Musical Ambassadors.”

Pope John Paul II was even impressed. In his visit to Dublin in 1979, the Chieftains performed a concert for the Holy Father in Phoenix Park. It’s a safe bet that he and his entourage had no problem with tickets for The Chieftains. In 1983, the band winged their way to China to give a requested concert at the legendary Great Wall of China.

The Chieftains were also invited to play in Washington D.C. by Tip O’Neill, when he was Speaker of the House and Senator Edward Kennedy. This was a first for the Capitol Building. All of this international globe-trotting made The Chieftains concert tickets even more popular.

Tickets for the Chieftains give you the chance to listen to fast paced Irish reels like “Charlie’s Buttermilk Mary” or “Sweeney’s Dream.” Perhaps you will be entertained with “Brian Boru’s March” or “The Humours of Whiskey.” The Irish tin whistle can make you laugh and tap your feet. The strings of an Irish fiddle can bring tears just as easily as make you smile. The bohdran, a simple one-sided drum that once led troops into battle, is the haunting heartbeat of it all. Paddy Moloney, one of the original founders of the band, plays them all. The Chieftains tickets are indeed a prize.

Don’t wait until the night of the performance to get your tickets to what is sure to be a memorable concert. We offer the Chieftains cheap tickets to let you experience Irish music at its best.

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