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The Tennessee Titans football season is one of the most exciting times of the year. With such a vast and fervent fan base in Tennessee, you can guarantee that LP stadium will have a sellout crowd of 68,798; thus you should get your Tennessee Titans football tickets early. LP stadium is a state-of-the-art open-air facility with natural grass. The stadium is shared with Tennessee State University. Sprawled out on just over 105 acres, the stadium rests on the eastern side of the Cumberland River overlooking Nashville’s downtown district.

Professional football has increased in popularity from its inception to become by far, the most popular sport in America with an audience in excess of 98 million in the U.S. alone. Its popularity is due — in no small part — to the hiring of L.A. Rams Pete Rozelle as NFL commissioner in 1960. Considered the greatest commissioner in the history of sports, he brought the Super Bowl to football along with high-revenue television contracts, salary caps, expansion, revenue sharing and the passing game. In short, he is responsible for the success football has enjoyed over his 30-year career.

Let’s not forget that football is a great game on which to gamble. Football is a gambler’s paradise — point spreads, box pools, and fantasy football are all byproducts creating an immense business in themselves. If you like to bet on the game, whether through a pool at work or you like to play fantasy football, the best place to see what is going on is right at the game itself. Purchase your Tennessee Titans tickets early to ensure you get a terrific seat.

Aside from this, it is not difficult to see why so many look forward in hurried anticipation to the beginning of the football season. Football Sunday at LP stadium kicks off with tailgate parties with vast varieties of everyone’s favorite cuisine and libation. Post-game festivities abound in and around the stadium from bands to vendors. With all of the events that take place before and after the game, you may want to look into hotels near Tennessee Titans football games to keep you close to the excitement. The corridors of the stadium have a wide variety of food vendors as well as vendors of NFL Official merchandise. Get your Titans tickets here so that you can enjoy the festivities and get your favorite fan gear.

Pre-game pomp and ceremony and the extravagant half-time shows add to the excitement. Half-time shows have showcased many high-profile personalities.

Keeping in mind that because the Tennessee Titans home games are traditionally a sell-out, it is wise to purchase your tickets to reserve your desired seats months in advance. Due to the vast number of season tickets sold, open seating becomes limited early. It is advisable to purchase your tickets here for all the games you plan on attending to preserve the most satisfying seating arrangements. If your intent is to bring several parties, purchase your tickets in sufficient time to guarantee consecutive seats.

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