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When you think of grunge alternative rock, one of the first bands that come to mind is Soundgarden. You loved to purchase your Soundgarden concert tickets when the band first started touring in the late 1980s and early 1990s. You waved your Soundgarden tickets and stayed loyal to the band even when they signed to their first major label of A&M Records, annoying the punk rock scene.

Soundgarden entered the grunge rock world in the 1984 when singer and drummer Chris Cornell and bassist Hiro Yamamoto left a previous band called The Shemps to form this new band with Kim Thayil playing guitar. Chris Cornell switched mainly to vocals as the band eventually hired Matt Cameron as the permanent drummer. Hiro Yamamoto soon left the band and eventually became replaced with Ben Shepherd.

Soundgarden has had a rocky road despite being a pioneer of the grunge rock scene. Disputes between band members hampered the band in its early years. as they toured and played concerts to their punk rock fans who purchased Soundgarden cheap tickets. They released their EP album "Screaming Life" and later "Fopp" in 1987 and 1988 respectively. When the band introduced "Ultramega OK", the band had signed with smaller labels until teaming with A&M Records in 1988. Many loyal punk rock fans who purchased Soundgarden concert tickets felt betrayed by the band, thinking that they sold out their heritage as no longer accepted their punk rock roots.

Soundgarden prevailed to garner new fans who were eager to purchase tickets for Soundgarden concerts as they came out with the "Louder Than Love" album in 1989. Soundgarden tickets were being sold worldwide when they came out with the album "Badmotorfinger" in 1991. In 1994, Soundgarden released their breakthrough album of Superunknown. They toured all over the world with people in Japan and Oceania buying Soundgarden concert tickets. Superunknown was their greatest album and became platinum 5 times.

During the tour, people who had purchased tickets for Soundgarden wanted to see the band, but it was obvious that Chris Cornell could not continue to sing due to strained vocal cords. The tour was canceled as the band still honored the Soundgarden tickets by playing at later dates in 1995. At the appearance of the album, "Down On The Upside" in 1996, the band was suffering from inner conflict and eventually disbanded.

Twelve years passed before they reunited with their compilation album, "Telephantasm: A Retrospective" in 2010. With their new album, they also released plans for more tours throughout the world as loyal fans can get their Soundgarden cheap tickets.

And you are one of their loyal fans with the chance of getting their music tickets. Be the first in line to purchase your Soundgarden cheap tickets as the reformed band begins its new tours. For a diehard fan, holding those tickets for Soundgarden will feel like a sweet relieve to a long drought of not hearing any new music for many years.

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