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It’s baseball season in Seattle and everyone is putting on their favorite blue cap or shirt to show their support for the Seattle Mariners! People are looking for cheap Seattle Mariners tickets, especially on this site!

The Seattle Mariners (aka the “M’s”) have entertained sports fans all over the Pacific Northwest since 1977. Originally the Seattle Pilots were the hometown team. In 1970 the Pilots moved to Milwaukee and became the Milwaukee Brewers. Undaunted by the lack of a baseball team, Seattle built the Kingdome in anticipation of a future franchise making this their home.

The Mariners (named after the heavy influence of the marine industry in Seattle) are a part of the Western Division. Since 1999 they have played in beautiful Safeco field in the south end of downtown Seattle. Safeco field has over 45,000 seats and is most notable for its retractable roof. The roof was constructed to cover the park, but not fully enclose it. It takes from 10-20 minutes to open or close the roof and there are specific rules related to when this can happen during a game.

With the amount of rain that Seattle can get during the season, the retractable roof is a blessing for the teams and its fans who buy Seattle Mariners tickets not worrying about the weather! When considering Seattle Mariners baseball tickets, check out this site for cheap tickets to see this team.

The Seattle Mariners are owned by Nintendo of America, a company located just “over the bridge” from Seattle. The Mariners are only one of a handful of teams that are owned by a corporation.

When some fans are buying their Seattle mariners tickets they are also planning out their “Rally Fries” signs. Several years ago a fan reached out to catch a foul ball and dumped his French fries on the ground. A sports announcer saw this and decided to send the fan a new order of fries.

Fans caught on and began arriving at the stadium with their own signs asking for free fries. At the same time, someone noticed that the Mariners seemed to do better each time a batch of fries was delivered. The name “Rally Fries” stuck as the team rallied each time the fries came around!

Not short on talent, the Mariners were home to Ichiro Suzuki, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr. and Edgar Martínez. Fans buy Seattle Mariners tickets to see their favorite baseball celebrities as much as to watch a good game. As the season gets closer, beat the lines and look for cheap Seattle Mariners baseball tickets on this site!

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