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Even before he went solo, Romeo Santos tickets were selling remarkably well in every single concert venue he performed at. Having gotten his start with the well-known band Aventura, tickets to Romeo Santos concerts are now selling just as well as when he played with the band. The reason is that Romeo Santos has something every artist wants: Talent and a unique voice. Both of these attributes make Santos a much sought-after musician now in both the English-speaking world as well as the Spanish-speaking world. The fact that he also performs in English and in Spanish makes tickets for Romeo Santos fly off the shelves and ticket boxes.

Born in 1981 in the Bronx borough of New York City, this half Dominican/half Puerto Rican singer and composer has always known what he wanted to do. He dreamed of selling out Romeo Santos tickets while growing up in the Bronx. He sang in the church choir at age 12 which is where his love for music began. By the time he was 13, Santos chose to do what other kids his age were not doing, which was stay indoors and write songs. His influences and reasons to want to sell tickets to Romeo Santos concerts started with Juan Luis Guerra, Juan Gabriel, Camilo Sesto, and others. Along with his cousin Henry, Romeo set in course a path that would lead to the selling out of tickets for Romeo Santos performances.

Aventura was formed in 1994 and their first big album came in 2002 with We Broke the Rules. Since that album, Romeo Santos tickets have been much sought-after by bachata fans worldwide. With hits like “Obsesion”, “Cuando Volveras”, and others, it is easy to see how the group sold out tickets. Then in 2011, Romeo broke out on his own with the album Formula, Vol.1. Immediately, tickets to Romeo Santo concerts in support of the album started selling out. Collaborations with the likes of Usher made it easier for Romeo to cross over to the English-speaking countries and radio stations. Because of this, tickets for Romeo Santos continue to sell well, especially since the artist plans on releasing more solo albums as well as making more music with his former group Aventura.

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