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Although the New York Giants are one of the best-known teams in the National Football League, its history is not so well known. There are many interesting facts about the Giants that true believers will be interested in.

The founder of the New York Giants was a man named Tim Mara. Mara was a not only a successful businessman, he was also a successful bookie and sports promoter. The team was founded in 1925. Mara brought his team into the National Football League and four other teams joined that year as well. Of the five teams, only the New York Giants still exist.

In the 1920s, baseball was way more popular than football. In fact, teams played in less-populated cities such as Rochester, New York, Dayton, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. Mara was taking a huge risk bringing his team to New York.

He named his team after the popular New York baseball team, the New York Giants. Actually, his team was named the New York Football Giants. Mara was hoping to capitalize on the name recognition of the baseball team. Mara owned the team until he died in 1959. The team stayed with the family until 1995 when the family sold a 50 percent interest to Preston Robert Tisch. Tisch was not only a very successful businessperson in New York he was a lifelong New Yorker and also an ardent fan of the New York Giants.

Other names they have been known by include: The Jints, The Big Blue Wrecking Crew, The Big Blue, The New York Football Giants and the Jersey Giants. Fervent fans seem to prefer "The Giants." New York Giants tickets are so sought after that Giants season tickets are often left as part of estates.

There were not many takers for Giants tickets at the beginning. Over the years, the Giants played in five stadiums. First, they played at the Polo Grounds, which was also the home of the New York Giants baseball team. In 1956, they went over to Yankee Stadium and played there until 1973 when the stadium closed for renovations and they moved to the Yale Bowl in Connecticut. In 1976, they moved to Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey – one that they shared with the New York Jets until 2010. Both teams then moved to the new Met Life Stadium that was built on land adjacent to the old Giants Stadium. Only two teams in the NFL share a stadium; they are the Giants and the Jets. As MetLife Stadium is in New Jersey, you should make sure that you look for the hotels near New York Giants football games around East Rutherford. The only NFL team that plays in the state of New York is the Buffalo Bills.

Another thing the Giants football team shared was famed Olympic athlete Jim Thorpe, arguably the greatest athlete of the 20th century. He was the only professional athlete to play for both the New York Giants baseball and football teams.

The New York Giants are three-time winners of the Super Bowl. Buy your New York Giants tickets today and be part of the legacy!

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