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Steven Patrick Morrissey is a unique artist, who sold out the Hollywood Bowl’s 18,000 seats, faster than the ‘Beatles’ ever did. Even so, he is still dismissive of any frills related to stardom. Because of Morrissey's popularity, you may want to consider purchasing your tickets early. For those interested in finding cheap Morrissey tickets, they can be found here.

He has been hailed as, “one of the defining rock stars of the past few decades,” by The New York Times. The tickets for Morrissey will most likely sell out fast due to his popularity. You may want to get your Morrissey concert tickets early you can find them here.

When remembering his youth, Morrissey has said, “Pop music was all I ever had and it was completely entwined with the image of the pop star.” He continued, “I remember feeling the person singing was actually with me and understood me and my predicament.”

Starting in 1974, Morrissey often wrote letters to music magazines including NME and Melody Maker, giving opinions on numerous bands. He said that sometimes, he would go see the bands in Manchester. The first band he saw was at Belle Vue in ’72. His father took him there, because he feared for Morrissey’s safety. Morrissey describes the occasion as “messianic and complete chaos.”

Morrissey converted early to punk rock in 1978 when he briefly fronted ‘The Nosebleeds.’ Billy Duffy was on guitar. He would later become a member of ‘The Cult.’

Following the recordings of numerous demo tapes in late1982, they recruited Mike Joyce as their drummer. They also decided to add bass player Dale Hibbert. He had provided them with demo recording facilities. Hibbert was a factotum at the studio he provided. After only two gigs, Andy Rourke, a friend of Marr’s, replaced Hibbert on bass. Unfortunately, Hibbert’s personality and bass playing did not mesh with the other members of the group. The group signed to Rough Trade Records and released their very first single, “Hand in Glove” in May of ’83. However, it failed to chart.

Morrissey rejected the dance music and synthesizers that were so popular with other groups of the time. At a time when ‘Spandau Ballet’ and ‘Haircut100’ were ruling the charts, he was writing about everyday people and their life experiences with rejection, death and despair.

Their follow-up singles fared better and did chart. Morrissey’s group, ‘The Smiths,’ began acquiring a dedicated fan base. They released their debut album “The Smiths” in February of 1984, reaching number two on the albums chart.

The group split up after their fourth album entitled “Strangeways, Here We Come” was released. The album reached number two on the charts in the UK, but was just a minor hit in the U.S.

Morrissey offers wonderful music and lyrics representing his forthright views. He has always been an outspoken individual and will undoubtedly continue to court controversy, while thrilling his fans with amazing music. Anyone who is looking for Morrissey concert tickets can find them here.

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