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It's the primal tones that hit you first while sitting in your concert seat. The sound feels organic as vibrating, aggressive riffs and distorted chords hit into you as they find their way into your mind and body to send you swaying to the sound. The music is angry. The music is primal, as you want to scream out in understanding of the pain felt in the lyrics. The music comes from the band called Korn, and they have set the bar high for alternative rock/nu metal musicians with their hypnotic tones and frenetic concert atmosphere.

Korn, spelled with a backward letter "R", is an American rock band with musical roots that began in 1993 as they exploded into the alternative rock and heavy metal scene with their own brand of sound dubbed "nu metal." Nu metal is a combination of different music styles, such as metal with grunge or hip-hop, to create a one-of-a-kind sound that electrifies fans.

Current band members consist of Jonathan Davis on lead vocals, James "Munky" Shaffer on guitar and backup vocals, Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu on bass, and Ray Luzier on drums and percussion. Worldwide fans who purchase Korn tickets to see the band on tour have also spotted other members providing backup sound. These tour members are Wes Geer on guitar and Zac Baird on keyboard, piano, and as backing vocals.

Early fans of the band remember the debut demo album of "Neidermeyer's Mind" and debut self-titled album "Korn" under the Immortal/Epic label in 1993 and 1994 respectively. They began touring to promote these albums, developing a small but faithful fan base who became eager to purchase tickets to Korn concert tours. Korn was a band that loved to tour after releasing an album, and their new style of music appealed to fans.

Korn concert tickets sold out quickly when Korn introduced their second album, "Life Is Peachy" in 1996 as it became an instant hit despite the little airplay it received. Reaching the third spot on the Billboard 200, Korn followed it with the single "No Place To Hide" which won the Best Metal Performance Grammy Nomination.

Korn did something that most bands never considered. They created an online TV show called KornTV in 1998 to give their fans a never-seen-before view at the making of the album "Follow The Leader." This documentary allowed fans to call in with questions to the band, and increased Korn's fan base as over 268,000 copies of the album became sold. Their North American tour had fans scrambling to buy cheap Korn tickets to see and perhaps talk with them during fan conferences.

For the next ten years, Korn continued on their road of music success by touring and creating more albums. They released "Issues" in 1999, "Untouchables" in 2002, "Take A Look In The Mirror" in 2003, and the "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" in 2004 under the Epic/Immortal Records label. Under the Virgin Record label, they released "See You On The Other Side" and an untitled album between 2005 and 2007. Finally settling with the music label Roadrunner Records, Korn created the albums of "Korn III: Remember Who You Are" in 2010 and "The Path Of Totality" in 2011. Korn may be best remembered by its hit single "Freak on a Leash."

With painful lyrics that tell the hectic early life of Jonathan Davis, Korn has developed a large fan base that will eagerly want to see them in concert and buy their records for years to come.

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