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Juventus Football Club or FC has been established in professional European soccer since 1897 before the turn of the 20th century. Based out of Turin, Italy, the Club is considered in the top league of Italian as well as European soccer. Every season Juventus Football Club tickets go on sale with a mad rush of fans to secure a seat for home games.

First established by number of students, the early Juventus FC group was fortunate enough to have members whose families were industrial entities. This evolved into sponsorship of the soccer club, making Juventus one of the earliest professional sponsored clubs after 1923. Juventus has been significantly woven with Italian culture, history and politics, so the performance of the club has been just as important as the alignment of its fans in society. As a result, Juventus has been a major contributor of players to the Italian national team on a repeat basis, with significant participation in winning multiple World Cup championships as a result. For this reason, fans regularly snap up Juventus tickets to see their favorite soccer stars. And, when the club itself excels into playoffs, the events sell a whole new series of Juventus tickets for championship games. Even today, Juventus FC enjoys support worldwide because of continued affiliation of Italian immigrants to the soccer club, regardless of where they my relocated.

Juventus FC has been playing in the Series A soccer class since 2007-08, continuing to qualify for championship series play year after year. That said, the club has been struggling to get into a dominance position as a series of losses at the last minute keeps Juventus from getting close to a Championship trophy each year. However, this has not deterred fans from still buying Juventus Football Club tickets to show their appearance and support.

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