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Right now is your prime time to buy Jeff Dunham tickets. More than a handful of fun, Jeff Dunham has been a comedy superstar ventriloquist entertaining millions of happy fans since his early college years, when he was earning over $70,000 per year with his puppets and talent. His concerts are widely sold out across the country; Jeff is ranked as the third highest-paid comedian in the U.S. by Forbes.com. Be sure to buy cheap tickets for Jeff Dunham early; great seats are in high demand and tickets sell out quickly as soon as his appearances are announced.

Jeff Dunham is an outstanding stand-up comedian, ventriloquist and puppeteer. He was born to be funny, wanting to become a professional ventriloquist since his first try at age 8. His amazing puppets each have distinctive personalities, with some considered not only to be outrageous but also politically incorrect. Jeff doesn’t worry about that claim; he strongly believes that comedy routines are truly an element of free speech. His puppets make fun of everyone and all ethnic categories, but in a funny way, not mean. His audiences are enthusiastically happy with Jeff’s stunning comedy routines, yet another reason to be sure to buy tickets to Jeff Dunham concerts now, on this website.

Get Jeff Dunham tickets here for the next concert near your location; don’t wait because they will be snapped up quickly. Concert attendees have described Jeff Dunham concerts as hilarious, brilliant, incredible, awesome and outstanding. His shows are filled with non-stop laugh lines, each bit funnier than the previous ones. Character puppets like Peanut and Walter are definitely audience favorites. Peanut accompanied Jeff in 1990 to his first booking on the Tonight Show featuring comedy legend Johnny Carson. Walter also made his stage debut that same night. Jeff Dunham rose to national fame when his talents were showcased on the cable television channel, Comedy Central. His popularity is reflected in the speed that cheap tickets for Jeff Dunham sell out.

Puppet characters take over the stage with Jeff, and his audiences have been highly receptive to sharp and witty comments by grumpy old man Walter, young upstart Peanut, hot pepper José Jalapeño on a Stick, and others, including southern Bubba J and Sweet Daddy Dee, or Melvin the Superhero Guy, He becomes a pain for Achmed the Dead Terrorist, son Achmed Junior and Diane. There even is a miniature Jeff Dunham puppet that is “operated” by Peanut. Part of the appeal of these uniquely human-like puppets is their physical expressions and movements. Audiences reel with laughter when Achmed’s skeletal body parts fall off, or when Walter goes on a funny routine about his wife or Jeff’s love life.

Jeff’s YouTube videos have also set records, with over 350 million hits during October, 2009. His Very Special Christmas Special that was featured recently on Comedy Central set that channel’s record as the most-watched telecast in their history. Multi-millions of Jeff Dunham DVDs have been sold since 2009, again setting mega-million dollar sales records. Even Time magazine cited Jeff Dunham as the top-grossing standup comedy act in North America. It’s no wonder Jeff Dunham tickets are in high demand.

The Jeff Dunham concert is a show you won’t want to miss; buy tickets to Jeff Dunham here and now for concert nearest to your location. Tickets for Jeff sellout quickly, don’t hesitate to miss this unique and hilarious non-stop laugh fest! Buy cheap Jeff Dunham tickets here and get ready to roar!

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