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Are you looking for Evgeny Kissin tickets for sale? You have come to the right place. Learning more about the performer will increase your desire to obtain tickets for Evgeny Kissin, so here we go.

Evgeny Kissin is best known for having started his auspicious career when he was two years old by showing incredible talent while improvising on the piano. Despite having a mother who taught piano, he has only ever had one teacher which he acquired when he went to a school for gifted children in Moscow when he turned six where he began his formal instruction. After only four years, at age ten, Evgeny Kissin performed his concerto debut which started his meteoric rise to fame and everyone started talking about this boy with magic in his fingers and music in his soul.

Many critics have attributed Kissin's individulity and his greatness to his decision to stay out of the traditional performance recital circuits that many young musicians travel to gain exposure. Instead, Kissin was catapulted to international acclaim, as a twelve year old, by playing with the New York Philharmonic and then Carnegie hall to a sold-out crowd. Schonberg, a music critic, said Kissin had everything a great musician required. Quick fingers, the proper tones and an eerie ability to know exactly when to change the tempo and highlight the phrasing in a mature and musical way. And he was only twelve. Evgeny Kissin concert tickets were in high demand then and his professional demeanor and increased skill have only maintained his popularity due to his love of music and seemingly intimate knowledge of the thoughts of the composer's works as he plays. It is rumored Kissin hears Chopin's private thoughts as he plays.

His concerts have been considered "extraordinary occasions" and to gain Evgeny Kissin tickets is an opportunity each person should allow themselves for the prize of hearing firsthand how he coaxes sounds out of the piano no one ever thought possible.

Evgeny Kissin, himself, is truly appreciative of his audience and does not take them for granted. In an interview he gave, he was recorded as saying "How could I ,and why on earth should I, try to forget about the audience when it is for them that I go on stage and play?!" Even as a child of eleven, he viewed the audience as "helping him" while he played for them. Tickets for Evgeny Kissin must, therefore, be thought of as true support to the artist since he said himself that he loves his audience.

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