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Isidro Chavez, better known as Espinoza Paz was born in Mexico. This young, upcoming singer and songwriter is on tour and one can buy their Espinoza Pas tickets for sale here. Espinoza Paz took this name in honor of his mother, Marie de la Paz Espinoza who passed away when he was only 13 years old. She apparently always saw that her son had a natural talent for music; she believed in her son and always told him he would succeed. Now one can see this young singer in concert if your Espinoza Paz concert tickets are bought here here today. Espinoza Paz started his career early in his childhood, being only 11 years old when he wrote his first song. He was only 13 years old by the time he had written over 15 more songs. He always felt that he had a special talent and looked for ways to expand his talent towards people who could help him realize success. Tickets for Espinoza Pas concerts are finally a reality and dream come true for this new singer, songwriter.

When Espinoza's father bought him is first guitar he decided that he would teach himself how to play and he did just that. Come and see Espinoza Paz sing, but be sure to get your tickets for Espinoza Pas. Espinoza would travel back and forth from Mexico to the United States several times before he met a friend that would inspire many more of his songs. Espinoza Paz, had an uphill climb to success, but he finally made it in the entertainment business as a Mexican singer and songwriter. Espinoza has not been in the entertainment music industry very long, but has seen much success in his short career. Espinoza has gained quite a fan base in the United States and Mexico, when Espinoza Pas tickets for sale are available, we cannot guarentee for how long we will have tickets available, so buy them early to be assured of a seat.

All popular entertainers have had that one big break that finally ushers them into that success mode. Espanizoa probably did not realize that he would be having Espinoza Pas tickets for sale so soon and realize this success. Espanizoa Paz saw his big break when he introduced El Coyote to some of his song creations. These songs soon became the big hits that he knew they would become some day. One can hear the songs that finally made Espinoza a success. Espinoza Paz concert tickets are on sale here.

He was able to have a second big break when he came in contact with Martin Fabian, a popular personality within the entertainment industry. Martin Fabin helped Espinoza realize his dream come true when Espinoza Paz tickets became available. Espanizoa along with Martin Fabian put together his first album, that can be heard live in concert when one buys their Espinoza Paz concert tickets as soon as possible.

In 2008 he released his second album and soon a recording contract with Universal Latino. He continues to write and record his own music. Tickets for Espinoza Pas are available now. Attend one of this new singers concerts this year, and see why he has become such a young success.

The one thing that he regrets is that his mother never lived to see his success that she always knew he would have, one day.

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