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Defending the Caveman may seem like another take on man’s primitive past, times when finding a mate meant the guy clunking the gal on the head and dragging her off to his cave. Tickets for Defending the Caveman give you a slightly more modern take on the differences that exist between the sexes and how one side invariably misunderstands the other. The thunking on the head may be a thing of the past, but the gender differences are apparently here to stay, evolution or no.

Written by Rob Becker, tickets to Defending the Caveman first went on sale in San Francisco for the premier in 1991. Since that premier a number of talented actors have tackled the production’s solo part in venues across North America and beyond. Ben Tedder, Cody Lyman, Isaac Lamb , Kevin Burke, Paul Peronni and Vince Valentine are just a few to take the challenge. All bring their special interpretation to their emotive and physical caveman role. It's not easy for one actor to carry an entire show and succeed.

The show moved to Dallas after it’s successful San Francisco run, then on to Washington D.C., Philadelphia and then Chicago. Tickets for Defending the Caveman were hot and the show was sold out time after time. Then the play hit Broadway in 1995 where it enjoyed a two and one-half year run.

You considered yourself lucky to find Defending the Caveman tickets available for any of the 702 performances of that run. Those who did get lucky were rewarded with seeing one of the longest running Broadway solo plays. After the last tickets to Defending the Caveman on Broadway were sold and the show closed, the production went on tour, and is still going strong.

The play itself took Rob Becker more than three years to write and combines myth with fact, misconception with reality and psychology with sociology. Even the humor is a mixture of satire and almost-slapstick. Sometimes the play gives a not so subtle poke at the audience’s psyche. Tickets for Defending the Caveman give you a chance for some, perhaps unintended, audience participation.

The show just may give you a reason to do some soul searching, on yourself and your significant other. Sometimes it may seem that you are looking in a mirror. That is the intent. The show laughs with you as you realize “Hey, that’s us.” Coming across some Defending the Caveman tickets is the perfect excuse for an enjoyable night on the town

Consider your Defending The Caveman cheap tickets a discount way to experience stand-up comedy with a bit of psychiatric therapy thrown in. We can help you get your tickets long before the show comes to town. Defending the Caveman tickets go fast, so why wait?

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