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If you've been searching for a great selection of cheap Datsik concert tickets, look no further. We always have the best Datsik tickets available for sale here. Because we know that Datsik (pronounced That's Sick) is one of the most popular dubstep artists playing clubs and festivals today, we strive to keep a number of tickets for Datsik shows on hand so that his many fans never have to miss one of his electrifying performances.

You can expect to be blown away at a Datsik concert. The talented DJ knows how to send his audience into a leaping, skanking, pulsing frenzy with his electronic mixes that blend hip hop with futuristic beats. A mind-altering light show accompanies the DJ's throbbing bass-infused dubstep blends. Datsik describes his relatively dark music as being a combination of funky and gangster. Fans know that Datsik tickets are a guaranteed good time.

Datsik, who is also known as Troy Beetles, was born in the Canadian province of British Columbia in June of 1988. In an interview that was published in March of 2010 on Spinner's website, Datsik said that he changed from being a hip hop artist to a dubstep performer virtually overnight after attending the Shambhala festival in British Columbia. He began collaborating with another dubstep artist known as Excision soon after Shambhala, and the two released a number of tracks in 2009. Datsik would have seven number one releases that year on Beatport, a music store where DJs can sell their creations to the public. As his fan base began to grow, tickets for Datsik concerts quickly became a hot commodity.

During 2010 and 2011, Datsik continued to drop new tracks, before finally releasing his first full album, "Vitamin D" on April 10, 2012. In addition to his own work, Datsik has done remixes with a number of big-name artists, including Bassnectar, Wu-tang Clan and Crystal Method.

Although, Datsik is a relative newcomer to the dubstep scene, he has been burning up the concert tour circuit, playing both huge electronic festivals, such as the Snowglobe Music Festival in Lake Tahoe, California and the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida, as well as small intimate clubs. Tickets for Datsik concerts, especially at these small, intimate venues often sell out quickly, so make sure to pick up your Datsik concert tickets here as soon as you and your mates know that you are up for a night of electronic craziness.

Remember to always check this site when you are in need of Datsik concert tickets, even if you are looking at the last minute.

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