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So, you have heard a lot of fuss about Comic Con and you are starting to think that may be you might want to go……Well, you should go because this convention is awesome and you can get cheap tickets to comic con right here. Launched over 30 years ago by a group of Michigan born Comics fans, Comic con is the largest annual convention in America that is dedicated to the appreciation of comic books, animation, anime, toys, card games, horror, science fiction and fantasy in film and television and manga and other related fields.

Tickets to Comic Con tickets usually go on sale months prior to the event because they are highly sought after. This four day experience starts on a Thursday and goes thru Sunday with preview day the day before, it features a beautiful collection of options for all lovers of the make belief. The convention includes seminars, workshops, panels, questions and answering, films and TV show previews, review sessions, screenings, autograph signings, costume contests and a whole lot more.

Comic Con’s popularity has grown tremendously since its beginnings, every year, thousands of casual and hard core fans comfortably stuff the arena and enjoy the variety of “to do’s and to see’s” that is offered. The convention features over 350 hours of quality programming in the areas of comics and pop culture. It is a positive experience that increases awareness and appreciation of the imaginative. It is truly a must attend event and you can buy your cheap tickets to comic con right here.

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