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Are you ready to buy Cleveland Indians tickets? You can do that right here. Grab your family, buddies or special someone for an afternoon at the ballpark. Enjoy the sun on your face while you eat a hot dog, smell the freshly roasted peanuts and cheer along with the rest of the crowd. We can also offer you a quick history lesson or refresher course on the team so you know your stuff once those Cleveland Indians opening day tickets are in your hand!

The Indians play in the Central Division of the American League. They were formed in 1901 under the name the Cleveland Bluebirds. The name was changed to the Cleveland Indians in 1914. The name was chosen by the media in reference to another team, the Boston Braves (who later became the Atlanta Braves). Nicknames for the team include the "Tribe" and the "Wahoos".

Their logo is a cartoon Indian called Chief Wahoo. He has been associated with the Cleveland Indians since 1928. While the image was adapted a few times in the early years, it has been the same since 1951. The 1972 uniorm was the only one he was left off.

The Cleveland Indians have made their way to the World Series Championships several times. They won the World Series in 1920 and 1948. Playing in the series in 1995 was especially exciting for the team, as they had not made it there since 1954.

Buy your Cleveland Indians tickets early because the team has a history of selling out! They created history between June 12, 1995 and April 4, 2001 by selling out of a whopping 455 games that were played in their home field in a row. Nearly twenty million fans watched them play at Jacobs Field during that span of time. This covered 81 home games over the nearly six year period. The demand to watch the Indians play was so great that all tickets to home games were completely sold out for the whole season before opening day in three different seasons.

This set a record in Major League Baseball for the team with the longest sellout streak. The record was broken in 2008 by the Boston Red Sox, though many fans argue it isn't a fair comparison since Fenway Park is much smaller than Jacobs Field, which means less tickets need to be sold to reach capacity.

In honor of the 455 sold out games they were sold out, they retired the number 455 and gave it the name "The Fans." The team was so successful during the late 1990s that comedian Drew Carey, a Cleveland native, publicly shared his enthusiasm that his team no longer "sucked".

John Adams began playing the bass drum at nearly every home game in 1973. He became known as "the drummer" and the Indians began granting him free admission because he added so much to the atmosphere. Buy Cleveland Indians tickets for a chance to share the excitement.

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