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Cirque du Soleil O is a sublimely aquatic experience in entertainment. This aquatic-themed production, which serves as an extension of the original Cirque du Soleil spectacular, is yet another fantastic offering from the Canadian-based entertainment organization with a focus on circus-oriented performance. Cirque du Soleil O is a masterpiece in whimsy and surrealism. Families seeking a one-of-a-kind visual experience should seek out Cirque du Soleil O tickets. Since this performance is one that is intended for the whole family, it is simple to buy cheap Cirque du Soleil O tickets here on our website.

With the "O" in the title being pronounced as the French word for water, which is "eau," the aquatic theme is crystal clear. Having debuted in 1998, this lush production has been a permanently featured performance at the world famous Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada, ever since. The main performance takes place in a 1.5 million U.S. gallon water tank and features all sorts of beautiful performances, including synchronized swimming, but the production also features aerial acts and ground performances, as well.

This stunning tribute to the sheer and simple beauty of the theatre is rich and lavish with odes of affection for everything from street performances to the most extravagant of operas. With world class performers that include synchronized swimmers, acrobats, aerialists, divers, dancers and much more, no visually breathtaking stone of theatre will be left unturned.

The story itself is centered around the protagonist of Philemon who is a young boy, curious about and lost in the world of O. The audience sits in wonder and shares along with young Philemon who is enraptured by everything that he sees in the magical watery wonderland brimming with strange, exotic and beautiful characters performing all manner of outlandishly glorious acts of grace and beauty.

With 1,800 seats in the Bellagio Theatre and with a general offering of two performances a day, it is possible for 3,600 people to see this extraordinary vision live and in person each day. This surrealistically imaginative stage performance is worth more than one viewing since there are so many sights to behold that it is difficult to keep up with the splendor.

For the most ardent fans of this breathtaking production, the theatre began offering backstage tours to anyone wishing to satisfy their curiosity about the inner and backstage workings of such an intricate ensemble. Not only can fans see the staging area with the water tank, but it is possible to visit the practice areas, dressing rooms, costume storage area, the lighting centers, the catwalk over the stage and the underwater lighting area. This exciting treat is offered daily by a variety of performers so any given tour may offer visitors a truly unique experience.

Fans will clamor for another viewing as soon as possible, along with an opportunity to peek behind the scenes to understand the internal workings behind the magic, so don't wait to buy your cheap Cirque du Soleil O tickets here!

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