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Cirque du Soleil is a popular performance group that mixes acrobatic performances that are seen in circuses, street shows, music and a story to create an amusing show that has captivated audiences since the 1980s. Amaluna is one of the recent productions running under the entertainment group and tickets for Cirque du Soleil Amaluna are available for this year.

The premier of Amaluna was on April 19, 2012 and is one of the newest story productions. Amaluna is a touring show that was created and is directed by Diane Paulus. She created an unique story that celebrates femininity, love and adventure that an audience can relate to and is sure to enjoy.

The title, Amaluna, is translated into English as Mother Moon. The moon is considered a symbol for femininity in many cultures and is thus an appropriate title for the production. The central story of the theater production is about love, femininity and the trials of achieving perfect balance and harmony. It takes place on an island of goddesses that are guided by the moon. The daughter of the queen falls in love with a shipwrecked young man. Throughout the production, the young love experiences difficult trials.

Like most Cirque du Soleil productions, Amaluna contains a wide array of performances that incorporate a mixture of acrobatics, music, dancing and aerial stunts that will amaze audiences. The story fits into the different performances well and is designed to change in the future as performers with different talents are added to the cast.

Tickets to Cirque du Soleil Amaluna in the United States are available as the grand tour for this year begins. The tour is planning to go through many different locations within North America, providing an opportunity to purchase Cirque du Soleil Amaluna tickets for the whole family.

Despite the love-related storyline, children and adults of all ages are likely to enjoy the complex mixture of acrobatics, music and unique performances. Tickets for Cirque du Soleil Amaluna are a popular idea for any theater performance because of the central story and the promise that comes with any Cirque du Soleil show.

While the popular name will draw crowds, Amaluna is a newer performance. As a result, it is possible to find cheap tickets to Cirque du Soleil Amaluna that have great seating arrangements on our website. While it might seem that the best seats in the theater will sell out quickly, the nature of this popular show with aerial stunts and acrobatic performances will make any seat a good location. Cheap Cirque du Soleil Amaluna tickets are available here for the tour this year, but it is best to buy the tickets in advance of the local showing.

Amaluna's North American tour will make it possible to see the Cirque du Soleil twist to the classic storyline of love and trials to reach a happy ending. As the tour locations and times are announced, you can buy tickets here early to have several choices of seats and prices.

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