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Fans of the NFL Cincinnati Bengals are super proud of their team, and rightly so. They are not only a great team, but a valued franchise. That's exactly the reason Bengals tickets sell out so fast. Die-hard fans want to make sure they get to see their beloved team, and showoff their black, orange, and white colors while sitting in the stands and supporting their team.

The Bengals have been around for awhile as they were founded in 1966 by former owner Paul Brown, who had previously been a head coach of the Cleveland Browns. For this reason, it is quite fitting that the home stadium is aptly named Paul Brown Stadium.

Fans that are lucky to score Cincinnati Bengals tickets get to enjoy the game in one of "America's favorite 150 buildings and structures", which a survey from Harris Interactive proclaimed. Paul Brown Stadium ranked 101 on the list, and was included in such the company of such structures as skyscrapers, bridges, churches, memorials, museums, and more. No other football stadium made the list, and only two other sporting venues -- Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium -- ranked higher than Paul Brown Stadium. This is just another reason why tickets and even hotels near Cincinnati Bengals football games are in such high demand.

While Paul Brown Stadium has over 65,000 seats on its approximate 22 acres, fans shouldn't wait until the last minute to purchase cheap Bengals tickets because the games can and do sell out. This is particularly the case when the Bengals play any one of their American Football Conference (AFC) rivals: the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens, or the Cleveland Browns. Therefore, if you want to attend one of these divisional rival games, purchase your Cincinnati Bengals football tickets as soon as possible.

As many loyal Bengal fans know, Paul Brown Stadium has acquired the nickname "The Jungle". While some may think this is in reference to their mascot's -- the Bengal tiger -- natural living habitat, this is not its primary reason. Rather, the stadium is nicknamed after a popular Guns N' Roses song titled "Welcome to the Jungle". And there's certainly not a more fitting song, particularly when the Bengals are playing in a heated rivalry game.

Of course, another reason some fans jump when they see Cincinnati Bengals tickets for sale is because of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders. Known as the "Ben-Girls", the Cincinnati cheerleading squad is one the first to make its appearance in the National Football League.

In 2011, the Cincinnati Bengals became the number one team in the National Football League in terms of passing yards. This statistic only adds to the draw of people wanting Bengals tickets in order to watch such a successful passing game, which you can purchase right here.

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