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The stark reality is that Americans love sports, especially the top three sports, baseball, football, and, yes, basketball. Other sports excite people but there is something magic about giants (relatively speaking) who can run like gazelles and dunk the ball while in mid air. Basketball not only has an interesting history but it has given us some of the most well-respected, inspiring, and awesome athletes to date. This is another reason why we love sports--because they give us heroes we can look up to, adulate, and follow with keen interest.

The Charlotte Bobcats, a relatively new franchise in the NBA, like all new teams, is struggling to become a top-rated team and, considering how hard its owners, marketers, and players have been working, it will no doubt make it there. The Bobcats can be compared to a young stallion newly introduced into a race track. Despite having enthusiasm, energy, talent, vim, and high spirits, it has to learn to fit into the league; in essence, it is experiencing necessary (although painful in the short run) growing pains.

Among the other attributes you as a fan should get excited about is the name for the team. The bobcat (selected out of the 1200 fan-submitted suggestions) is not only endemic to the Carolinas but is considered to be a first-rate survivor, good at adapting to its environment, aggressive, lithe, and fiercely competitive,--the perfect characteristics for a sports team. This team, you see, is not just a business but a symbol for the community to be proud of and get behind. Americans, after all, love the great outdoors as much as they love sports.

Yet another thing to be excited about is the association of Michael Jordan with the team. Michael throughout his career exemplified what winning is all about; he is the epitome of a tough, unrelenting competitor. His association alone means that the Bobcats cannot but achieve greatness, in the long run.

Charlotte Bobcats season tickets will sell well as the team acquires new talent, redefines what good sportsmanship is all about (not just winning games but doing one‘s best), and presents good role models for the youngsters who will become the next devoted Charlotte Bobcats season ticket holders. You can help set the tone by ordering your Charlotte Bobcats tickets cheap on this site.

Is this the right time to get your Charlotte Bobcats tickets? Prices are competitively low--in fact, they are incredibly cheap, considering how much excitement live games impart. Will Michael Jordan suit up for another game? Who can tell? Order your Charlotte Bobcats tickets cheap right now and help build one of the best NBA teams to come. Charlotte Bobcats season tickets are going fast at some of the best prices in the NBA. The sky is the limit for a team that is optimistic, versatile, open-minded, and ready for success. Buy purchasing your Charlotte Bobcats tickets now you can help insure that success!


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