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No, this show is not a cheap update to the Smurfs and this is definitely not your typical concert from the 1980s. No, in actuality, Blue Man Group is a high energy acoustic experience started in 1987 in Manhattan by three friends Chris Wink, Matt Goldman, and Phil Stanton. In the early days, Blue Man Group tickets were easy to come by and cheap, as three guys in blue paint and bald caps were out there, way out. No ears even. Nowadays, they regularly play to full houses across the country and around the world, from Boston to New York, Las Vegas to Chicago, to Orlando and Berlin, and beyond. Don’t be surprised if shows sell out early, so get your Blue Man Group tickets earlier.

The show presents a silent trio of performers taking an eclectic journey through art and music. Think big time percussion with an assault of the senses through lights, sounds, images, colors, food, and audience interaction. Human paintbrushes, marshmallows, and Twinkies are a popular show sighting as are PVC pipes played with rubber paddles, garbage can drums, and more. If you like that techno-funk vibe, you’ll dig the musical part of the show and want to make their unique instruments at home. Hey, you can just buy their albums, instead, though.

If you get the discount tickets for Blue Man Group for your first show experience, don’t wear your good clothes. You might get lucky and be given a plastic poncho, the first five rows at least. But be prepared for splashing paint and perhaps more. Wearing clothes that shine in black lightning will make you stand out. Is that a good thing? Try it and see for yourself. Do you get the cheap seats and sit further back or pay a little more and be closer to the action? Most folks who keep coming back to the performances opt for the better Blue Man Group tickets. Do buy your tickets here for the ultimate musical experience. You won’t be disappointed. Just grab the earplugs if you must and get half an experience, or leave them out and take it all in.

Beyond the show, if you are an educator who already has Blue Man Group tickets for a class trip, consider getting their educational guides. You can incorporate their labs into your lesson plans immediately before or after the show for most effectiveness. They have three different labs available, each for three age groups: grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The labs are titled The Science of Goo, Melodious Mathematical Inventions, and The Dance of the Group Member and the Trickster. You’ll need to provide your own blue body paint and bald caps though. That part isn’t part of the lesson plans or the discount tickets for Blue Man Group.

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