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Anyone paying a visit to Baltimore will notice the city's obsession with the color purple. We're not talking about a tame purple, either, but the vibrant purple you see on the Baltimore Ravens jerseys. The city loves its football team, named after the fierce black bird Baltimore resident Edgar Allen Poe made famous in one of his poems. Every summer, Sundays are the most anticipated day of the week for Ravens fans, and the best way to watch a game is in the stadium.

One of the things that fans love most about the Ravens is their spirited, upbeat approach to games. Fans know that when they buy Baltimore Ravens tickets, the players will acknowledge the crowd and put on a great show, not only by trying their best to win the game, but also by bringing a huge amount of energy to the field. The team is overall known for its great attitude and sportsmanship, and fans really appreciate this.

The Baltimore Ravens play in M&T Bank Stadium, which is just south of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Fans flood the stadium every week, and getting cheap Baltimore Ravens tickets can be tricky, especially for big matchups. It's especially important to buy Baltimore Ravens tickets in advance of games with their biggest rivals, the Steelers, whose fans often drive down to see the Steelers play the Ravens in Baltimore. The Ravens also have a significant rivalry with the New England Patriots, who have won some key match-ups, which means that fans are looking to buy Baltimore Ravens tickets for games against the Patriots, too.

Along with Baltimore Ravens football tickets, hotels near Baltimore Ravens football games are especially in demand when the team is playing well. For example, they made it to the playoffs in the 2011-2012 season, narrowly missing a trip to the Super Bowl. The team has only been in Baltimore since 1996, and has made it to the playoffs eight times since 2000, when the team won the Super Bowl. City residents have rallied around the team, snatching up Baltimore Ravens football tickets and hotels to show their pride in the team.

When you're looking for cheap Baltimore Ravens tickets, remember that it's important to buy them well in advance of the game. As soon as the season's schedule is announced, start thinking about what home games you want to attend so you can snatch up your cheap Baltimore Ravens tickets. You may have to sit in the upper levels to get the best deal on tickets, but it's well worth it to be in the stadium and feel the energy of the team. Games almost always sell out, so you'll be surrounded by excited fans no matter where your seat is.

Even as the Baltimore Ravens have lost key players and key games, fans have stuck by them every step of the way. Baltimore Ravens football tickets are coveted, and they make great gifts for any resident of the city. The Baltimore Ravens rarely fail to disappoint.

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