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With Annie tickets, fans have access to a play that has been exciting musical theater patrons for over three decades. With tickets to Annie the musical, ticket holders get to see a musical adaptation of the old time comic strip Little Orphan Annie. That comic strip debuted in 1924, and it held the hearts of Americans through the depression era. The playwrights of Annie tried to mimic the upbeat nature of that comic strip when they created this play which debuted in 1977. Ideally, the play and its upbeat storyline was meant to inspire people during the hard times of the Vietnam war. However, in spite of its historical significance, the play continues to delight modern audiences of children and adults alike.

With tickets for Annie the musical, theater goers get to sit in a dark theater as the horn section begins to rise from the orchestra pit. As the horns crescendo, the spotlight falls on little orphan Annie, the star of this show. Annie is plagued by the cruel antics of the orphanage's supervisor Miss Hannigan. Unlike the other orphans who seem to feel compelled to their fate, Annie believes that she has parents, and with the help of the rest of her friends, she decides to find her parents.

However, as anyone with Annie tickets will discover, Annie's plans to find her parents are quickly interrupted when Annie is adopted by the secretary of the very rich Mr. Warbucks. Mr Warbucks is not pleased when he firsts meets Annie. He claims that orphans are boys, and he wants Annie sent back to the orphanage. Fortunately, as the audience with Annie the musical tickets will quickly discover, Mr. Warbucks's secretary intercedes on her behalf, and Annie gets to stay with Mr. Warbucks's at his mansion. Mr. Warbucks started his week with an orphan as a publicity stunt, but he quickly falls in love with little Annie.

He even takes her to meet the president. Because the play is set in the 1940s, the president is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During this scene, fans with tickets for Annie the musical get to see an arousing rendition of the famous song "Tomorrow" sung by the actors who play Annie, Mr. Warbucks, President Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor.

Eventually, Mr. Warbucks decides to help Annie find her parents. The crowd with Annie the musical tickets get to see a theatrical climax that is full of exciting and scary scenes. During this climax, Annie is claimed by a set of fake parents who are helped by the evil Miss Hannigan and an exciting chase and rescue occur. Of course, all of these scenes are full of great songs that will impress anyone with Annie tickets.

If you have only seen the film, you will love the extra songs like "We'd Like Thank You Mr. Herbert Hoover" and incredible choreography that fans only get to see with their Annie the musical tickets. Theater fans of all ages and tastes will love tickets for Annie the musical.

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