Cheap Long-Term Car Rental

Find the cheapest long-term car rental around: rent a car for a month and longer with CheapTickets

Long-Term Car Rental FAQs

CheapTickets long-term car rental gets you the sweet ride you need for as long as you need it. Monthly car rental is ideal if life throws you a curveball or you have an extended business trip looming—rent a car for a month and you can move around freely. When you’re done, just drop it back. Because the car company knows you have the car for a while, they often have great discounts and deals for those long-term rentals.

Why rent a car long-term?

Long-term car rental gives you all the pros of owning a vehicle and none of the headaches. There are budget-friendly compacts, school-run-suitable SUVs, and luxury limos for when you want to impress, long term. Book for a month or more to unlock great deals and combine with your flights and accommodation for brilliant bundle discounts.

How can I find long-term car rental deals?

Just enter your pick-up and drop-off locations along with your travel dates and hit search. A bit of motor magic and all the available rides appear before your eyes. Set the rental duration for a month or more—perhaps 3 or 6 months—and choose your chariot.

How much does it cost to rent a car for a month?

Long-term compact car rental tends to be kinder on your coffers than luxury convertibles, as you might expect. But you can often find deals and discounts on many long-term rentals on whatever ride you desire. Use the search function to sort by price and see the best daily deals with CheapTickets.

What types of cars are available for long-term rental?

Step into our virtual showroom and see for yourself. Once you’ve entered your travel info and hit search, you can peruse every potential cruise. There’s a great range of sedans and SUVs, compact rides, swish convertibles, practical minivans, luxury and pocket friendly. To refine your search, check the filters to find your fav. They’re all here.

Which companies offer long-term rental?

Most car rental providers can hook you up with a ride for a long time. All the big names—Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, Budget, and Alamo—have you covered. You can filter by provider if you prefer one company to another to see what they have for you.

What are some top destinations for long-term car rentals?

Long-term car rental is available right across the U S of A. So, whether you’re planning to cruise your car rental in Chicago, do business in Seattle, or go la la in Los Angeles car rental, CheapTickets is a great place to pick your provider. With one-way rental, you can even pick up in one city and drop off in another, though this usually carries an additional fee.

Do long-term car rentals have free cancellation?

Check the filter under recommendations to find all available long-term rentals that offer free cancellation peace of mind. Most providers are flexi and only charge for the duration of the rental, too, so you can relax if you need to return your ride early. But remember to check your provider’s policy before you book.

Why should I book my long-term car rental with CheapTickets?

Our commitment to great deals goes way beyond tickets. We search our enormous inventory of rental companies to find you a great deal wherever you need to go and however you want to get there. Book your rental, flights, and accommodation as a package, and you dive even deeper into our world of discounts.