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Salsa romantica is one of the most versatile music genres, from diving into the throes of passion to moving feet with its infectious rhythm, and Victor Manuelle is one of the masters of the style. Pick up your cheap Victor Manuelle tickets today to party with one of salsa's greatest singers.

A powerful voice draws the spotlight
Born in New York City, Victor grew up in Puerto Rico surrounded by salsa music. He had a unique breakthrough into the industry. At a high school graduation party, superstar Gilberto Santa Rosa was performing and invited Victor to join him on stage. Santa Rosa was so impressed by Victor Manuelle's abilities that he helped get him a job as a backup singer. Victor Manuelle released his debut album in 1993, his start to becoming one of the most successful salsa singers of today. Several of his singles have cracked the Latin Top 10, including his number one hit "Tengo Ganas" ("I'm in the Mood"). Victor Manuelle stands out from the other Latin artists in his devotion to salsa music. His albums are only in Spanish, rooted in salsa but with influences from other Latin genres like vallenato and reggaeton.

However, you don't need to understand Spanish to feel the passion and emotion in Victor Manuelle's music. Get your cheap Victor Manuelle tickets here to fall under the sway of one of today's greatest salsa troubadours.

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