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If want to see a quiet, calm and traditional performance that toes the line of audience expectations, Stomp is not the show for you. First devised in Great Britain, this crew of dancers and percussionists created a one-of-a-kind show that's bursting with energy, tension, and exciting and dramatic rhythms. Stomp consists of a large crew of dancers who in addition to acrobatic and athletic dance feats also incorporate into the show a series of percussive hand-made instruments made from common objects. Stomp has been making appearances in various incarnations since the 1980s, beginning with outdoor events and eventually gaining a much-sought-after residency in New York City where thousands flock to see them perform each year. Incorporating elements of hip-hop, traditional and modern dance and combining them with aggressive and high-energy percussive work, Stomp has created an absolutely enthralling performance that starts off strong and keeps on chugging till the lighits come on at the end of the show. Don't miss your chance to stomp your way into the greatest percussion and dance show in the country. Buy your tickets to see Stomp for cheap while they last!

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